Using Animation To Drive Employee Engagement

As an HR employee, manager, or a member of the marketing team, one of the hardest tasks you may face is finding good ways to educate, rally, and engage employees. With different attention spans and levels of interest, it’s tricky to pick a medium to share information that will reach the largest audience and hold their attention.

You may have tried everything from brochures to intranet sites, to PowerPoint presentations to effectively share information with employees resulting in varying degrees of success. But what about animation?

No, we aren’t talking about cartoons here. Although, employees might enjoy watching a Pixar movie as much as anything else.

We are talking about motion graphic animations. Motion graphics are the animated graphics in commercials, show and movie titles, and videos explaining how products and services work.

When done well, they can bring an entertainment quality to something that may not seem that entertaining. They can help to simplify complex information with the use of illustrated stories and infographics. And they are great tools for condensing the information into a manageable chunk of time.

Asking an employee to read an 8-page handout may not get you a lot of follow through, but sharing a 2-minute video will likely have a much higher participation rate.

Remember too that we live in the YouTube and Facebook era. Most people like nothing more than to drop everything for a 2-minute online video about…..anything really.

So what makes a good animated video?

Well, it starts with a script. An engaging video should tell a story. It doesn’t have to be a traditional character based story, although it can be. But it needs to take you somewhere, on a bit of a journey.

Then, that script needs to be visualized in a way that is consistent with the message, branding, and also with what’s current in terms of design style. Animations can be fun and quirky, they can be more serious, polished, or rustic looking. They just need to be well crafted and consistent with the message to ensure that viewers aren’t confused or bored.

Music can play a key role in the dynamic of the video as well. In some cases, sound won’t be an option, but when it is, it’s important to pick music that drives the story line forward. A lazy folk tune may be comforting to listen to, but it won’t drive your employees to sign up for activities. However, it might be the perfect match for the employee picnic recap.

Consider voiceover as well. As needed, text on screen is a useful tool, especially when dealing with key concepts from your script, but a well produced and professional voiceover can be another great tool to engage the viewer.

Recording a voiceover track on your phone with whoever is available in the office may be convenient, but if it doesn’t sound good, it’ll only be a distraction from the message you are trying to convey. Picking and recording voiceover that matches the tone of your video and is professionally recorded will add another level of engagement with the viewer.

Mixing video or photo elements with animation can be a really useful way to get the most out of your brand assets while adding a level of creativity and excitement on top. Rather than just creating a photo slide show or simple edit, the use of graphic transitions, animated infographics, lower thirds, and titles can really add to the overall production quality of your video.

Next time you are thinking about how to get important information in front of your employees and maximize engagement while minimizing confusion, consider an animated video as one option.

Here is an example of a video that we’ve been able to create to help a business share information with their employees in a fun and convenient way.

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