Case Study: Survivor Radio PSA

Last Christmas, we decided to give back by reaching out to the nonprofit community and offering a free PSA to one lucky winner. Throughout this process, we were able to connect with plenty of incredible nonprofit organizations in Atlanta.

However, one stood out to us among the rest.

Survivor Radio exists to provide support for cancer survivors, current cancer patients, and families of cancer victims. This is done through playing positive music and sharing these inspirational stories.

Survivor Radio wanted a unique way to show off the organization’s mission and story while remaining positive and encouraging.

Our process began in the Client Briefing phase. Here, we took time to get to know Survivor Radio, their mission, and their story. We reviewed the goals and objectives of the project, the story to be conveyed and the audience, the deadline, and requirements (you know, the fun stuff).

Next, we gathered what we needed and got to work on the storyboard. We created a number of key frames so we could see exactly how the video would look.


We also created a written treatment, which sits inline with the script and describes the animations we’d be doing in time with the voice over. We believe this step gives the client the best understanding of how the animation will look and what it will include.

Next came the execution. With the script, style frames, and voice over ready to go, it was time to start animating. While this step is one of our favorites, it’s not a quick process. This is why collaboration is essential.

Our team spent many hours getting the video to a level that everyone could be proud of. What came of it? Check it out:

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