4 Ways To Encourage Your Team Over Hurdles

What happens when something goes wrong in the design world? The great thing about design is that it changes. We’re used to being adaptable and quick to find new solutions. We recently started a project that would result in holiday gifts for clients. Our team had the idea to gift notebooks with our own custom designs on the covers.

Along the way, we hit a few bumps in the road. But with each hurdle, we learned valuable lessons about ourselves and the industry:

1.  “No” doesn’t really mean “no.” In the design world, being told that something isn’t possible and that we are crazy to even think it would work can actually fuel and motivate us even more to achieve our goal. We wanted our notebooks to leave an impression, literally. So we scoured the city in search of custom book companies, but studio after studio insisted that it wasn’t possible to deboss prebound books. Not accepting this answer, our persistence paid off and we eventually found one!

2. There’s no room for giving up. What do you do when your team is split on an idea and the conversation is starting to move in circles? In the concept development stage, half of the room wanted to have the theme revolve around the laws of motion and the other half wanted the theme to depict the creativity and hard work that goes into design. It helps to take a break, have a cup of tea and hit the office candy stash, and then come back to reevaluate. We were able to step back and see the bridge between our ideas. That sweet spot in the middle provided the groundwork for our Mind, Body, and Soul series. That’s the great thing about this industry; thousands of hidden solutions out there waiting to be found.

3. Always call in for backup. When we began running into technical issues, our team rallied together to find the best solution. You never know what fountain of knowledge you have within your midst. Through troubleshooting, we discovered that one of our team members is trained in traditional printmaking processes. We brought our individual ideas and solutions to the table with a common goal to see this project succeed.

4. Stay positive. While it’s easy to get discouraged by hurdles, it’s vital to remain positive. By facing challenges with enthusiasm, we grow as a team, develop stronger work, and push industry standards. That’s the power of teamwork.

It’s not easy; running into issues is normal. But how you and your team handle the issues speaks volumes. When faced with a new problem, how will you move forward?

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