Calling all survivors! Is anyone alive out there….

We teamed up with Limbic Software to create an in-game cinematic for their newest game Zombie Gunship Survival, a gritty post-apocalyptic mobile app game in which the player must eliminate the zombie threat in order to rescue what is left of humanity. It is an exciting top-down shooter recently featured by the Apple App Store that hit over two million downloads in the first week after launch.

Our challenge was to transform the concept art into a brief introductory cinematic that explains the backstory of Zombie Gunship Survival.

In order to accomplish this, we had to tap into our deepest and darkest fears to find out what makes zombies so terrifying. To analyze the beast that is the horror, we dissected common themes of the genre. While things like monsters, gore, and/or the supernatural are popular themes that often shape the story arch in horror, it’s the anticipation that keeps us on the edge of our seats: When will the monster strike? What’s behind that door? Who will meet their untimely doom? It’s the constant sense of uncertainty and suspense that makes classic horror so compelling.

We emphasized this atmospheric tension with haunting glimpses into the post apocalyptic world of Zombie Gunship Survival. The stage is set for gameplay with dark, grainy scenes rife with the anxiety of impending attack.

Watch the video to follow the story and join the fight of your life!

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