Design that moves…in perspective

For our latest promo journal, we wanted to illustrate the concepts behind the literal and figurative meanings of perspective and how it relates to our worlds.

Perspective, from a literal standpoint, is what defines the physical world around us. We use it in design, illustration and of course, in motion. In the figurative sense; however, perspective becomes a more surreal or whimsical term. It’s our perception and interaction with the world around us.

With this in mind, we enlisted our illustrator friend, Dan Matutina to help visualize our concept. He came back with the following studies based off of the direction we gave him:

Faster than Light (FTL):

This first study took inspiration from the theory of faster than light travel, seen in various sci-fi movies, and how it would warp your perspective on the space around you.


Moving the Frame:

In this second study, the idea was to show how two abstract beings would interact with a single central object and how that interaction would skew due to opposing perspectives.


Folding Perspectives:

The final study takes the idea of paper folds and shows how the angles they produce create different perspectives on a single object or action.


While we liked all of the ways Dan had brought our concept to life, we wanted to further explore Moving the Frame. We liked how the space had been divided, the shift in perspectives and the idea of this pair of abstract beings interacting. But how would that interaction occur? How would the perspectives of these to abstract beings relate? We discussed what each of their narratives would be and how their individual stories would bring them together at the central, moving frame.

We shared this direction with Dan and as the illustration progressed, our vision of that narrative began to take shape. One of the abstract beings appeared striding toward the moving frame from a lively and plush landscape. The other scrambled toward it, in an attempt to escape a dark and rocky setting. These parallels added to the overall intricacy and depth of the illustration.

Our final direction to Dan included adjustments to each of the beings perspectives to ensure that their movements were correctly proportionate to the set vanishing point of the design. We gave our thoughts on where we wanted to see colors balanced, highlights and textures added.



The final, mind warping and colorful wrap around journal cover seemingly revealed something new from every angle it was viewed from and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Our concept of perspective had successfully come to life.



And now we’re pleased to share this design in motion for yourself. Give us a shout and request a journal for yourself before they’re all gone!

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