We were recently approached by our friends at Tailfin Marketing to discuss a cool concept they had crafted for a Holloway Sportswear project. In order for it to be brought to life; however, they would need the style of design in motion that we’re known for creating.

The project would showcase the technology and benefits of using Holloway’s new Custom Sublimation printing system.

We were given samples that showcased all of the Custom Sublimation system’s capabilities and were very impressed and the stunning quality and bold colors produced and knew that what impressed us needed to translate over to what we would now create.

Once we got our idea mapped out, we shot several live action scenes focusing on a basketball player wearing a basic, solid white Holloway jersey. We shot close ups of the jersey and the player’s intensity and action shots up and down the court to see the jersey as it stretched around the player’s movements.

Check out this technical breakdown of our process…

As you can see, we took the action footage and, by using a series of animation and compositing techniques, added in graphics that when combined with the voiceover made for a final, magical reveal which you can see below.